Commish corner

The schedule is FINAL, we will not change the time for ANYONE, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please plan your game days accordingly. 

Teams that are listed does not guarantee a spot until we receive a down payment. DON'T LOSE YOUR SPOT!

If you are interested in getting a uniform for your team, please contact me with your own design, numbers, sizes and names (optional). It's $20/jersey plus shipping ($7/jersey). 


Just a reminder, our league is all about competition. We acknowledge the competitive spirit, but we do not condone unsportsmanlike conduct. Please refrain yourself from cussing at the referee or other players, or fans. As my mission states we encourage teamwork, discipline, respect, passion, good sportsmanship and integrity. REPEATED OFFENSES MAY LEAD TO EJECTION AND/OR A BAN FROM THE LEAGUE. Please treat our referees with respect, thank you. 



To all team captains, if for any reason your team cant make it to your scheduled game , i would like to ask you to please inform us so that we can let the other teams know, We have players that travel far knowing that there will be a game and its just not fair for them. On the other hand ,the opposing team shall have at least 4 players in uniform before the tip off before we can award the victory {see rules}



I would like to remind everybody about our rules regarding starting a fight/participating in a fight. I would like to remind everybody as well, that we have the right to kick players out of this league if you start an incident (MJCC rules, any fights will result in us losing our gym use). Please refrain yourself from cussing at the referee. We gave the referee the authority to control the games and THE TABLE HAS NO SAY ON ANY CALLS. PERIOD. 


Rules for this league are now posted under the 'RULES' section. Please find time to read the whole thing.


I just added our league to Yelp, I'm asking everyone to review and critique how we run our league. We welcome all feedback, negative and positive.


As my vision to make this league promote good sportsmanship, I'm asking everybody to refrain yourself from fighting and cursing at the referee. FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE LEAGUE AND ITS PLAYERS, I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO KICK PLAYERS OUT OF THIS LEAGUE IF THEY VIOLATE THIS RULE SINCE MJCC GAVE US A WARNING ALREADY THAT ANY FIGHT WILL COST US THE USAGE OF THE GYM, THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. Lets have a clean and competitive third season. See you all!



If you have any suggestions, photos or videos to make our league better, email us at pinoypridebasketball@gmail.com


Venue: Matt Jimenez Community Center

Address: 28200 Ruus Rd.
                 Hayward, CA 94544


Thank you!

- Pops


Sunday February 23 was the PPBL Sunday League championship featuring the defending champions, Soldiers going against a former champion, Swish City. This game lived up to the hype. We had a high scoring affair, and in the beginning the season MVP Jalen was scoring at will for the Soldiers. No lead was safe in this game as no team could get a lead more than 10. Every time that the Soldiers looked like they were going to pull away, Swish City's Ruben would hit a 3 to negate any type of run the Soldiers would have. The biggest play in the game came late in the 4th quarter with the Soldiers up 9, and Ian from Swish City rattled in a 3 to get them a two possession game. Finals MVP Ruben hit a few more threes in the 4th and they sealed the deal. Ruben had a game high 29 points with 9 three pointers to win the game for Swish City in an all-time classic!

Please watch the video, this is one of my visions for this league.





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