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Saturday, July 8 we had our Saturday league championship games between the Agletics and Bay Area Fresh. The game was hyped as both teams have high scoring offenses. Unfortunately, there were injuries to the dynamic duo with Armein being out and Damarr being less than 100%, but the show has to go on. The Agletics put up a valiant effort, but fell in the second half with injuries, and finals MVP, Q, having one of this best games in the league, making shot after shot and ensuring that Bay Area Fresh went on to win the championship. Bay Area Fresh won their first ring in the league and are looking to defend it next season. The Bay Area Fresh squad had one of the better seasons in the league, winning close games and having clutch moments in the season. Congratulations to Agletics for showing great heart and putting on a great effort, and congratulations to the Bay Area Fresh for winning the championship!

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