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Season 5 Champions!

Saturday April 9, the PPBL held its Saturday league championship game between the Purgers and Suave. While PPBL has had very memorable championship games, none compare to this game. This was the greatest game in PPBL history. Both teams came out firing. Both teams were trading punches, and then Suave took a comfortable lead thanks to a barrage of offense by Finals MVP Jayden. But in the 4th quarter, the Purgers mounted their comeback led by amazing perfomances in the 4th by Al and John. Suave had a hard time combating this comeback as they had many players in foul trouble. Late in the game, Mike hit a clutch and-1 to tie the game at 65 a piece, but on the very next possession, "Big Bad" John cleaned up a missed layup and put the Purgers up by 2 with only 3 seconds remaining. And then... the greatest finish in PPBL history happened! The ball was inbounded to Jesse, and passed back right to Jayden who took a very questionable half court heave, some say the shot looked good, and from other views it looked way off... and then BANG! The championship was won by half court buzzer beater, giving Suave the victory 68-67. In an incredible game, the Purgers deserve a ton of credit as they never gave up and came back to nearly win the game. But congratulations to Suave for winning the championship!





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